To Build or Create A Peer to Peer, Member to Member Donation Site Like MMM Then You are In The Right Place

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MMM Script Website. This script is a web script that uses the system and GIVING HELP ASKING FOR HELP, such as MMM Website in general. This script has been designed and tested 100% working and FIX. This script has been through trials and successful test error, so the script is ready for you to use if you want to create a website like MMM.
MMM Script Website is not the script used by the MMM and the like but most of the functions are of website like mmm. We just make the script a website with a system that resembles the MMM and the like. And of course with the workings, features and different systems. But if you’ve been following the MMM and the like, it will not find any difficulty in running this website.
MMM Script uses full English so that it can be used at home and abroad. Could Bitcoin or Dollar.
This is the perfect mmm clone script that you can start your own empire from with only few clicks to install the script.
The Script has a view that is familiar and easy to learn by anyone.

How to install mmm script–make you owner system mmm2016

How it Works is as follows:

Members sign up through the upline / manager or can register themselves. Registration can be set using Ticket Or Not
Furthermore, please login to the member area. Click on Menu Transaction >>> Provide Help. PH can be set using tickets or not. By using DP / Admin Fee or not
You will get a pending transaction PH. Click On Details if you want to see who your partner.
Call your first beneficiaries. Immediately initiate a transfer to the account of the recipient if the recipient is already Ready Approve.
Confirm your transfer and the contact PH GH to make sure you’ve received and disapprove
After diapprove, countless days later, you could GH GH specified number, eg 150%
Furthermore, after GH is completed, members will perform re PH, etc.
Ticket system using the Balance / nominal Figures / Balance. So it is simple and can transfer your ticket member. Tickets not shaped Codes
Members sign up for free. But when the PH and GH will be charged ticket 1 piece. If the sign also use the ticket, then the member can not register itself but must go through Upline / Sponsor
Feature Script:

Transactions could use the Bitcoin and you can also have access to add Bank, FasaPay or Perfect Money on the code
Equiped SMS Gateway
Easy and complete Admin Panel
Features Print Data Transaction
Messages between PH and GH
Details of referrals and referrals can see transaction data
The Commission is composed of the Sponsor Committee, Level Commission and Commission Manager. Can be switched off
Username Affiliate Member
Features Anti Hit and Run
Limit PH and GH Every Day, Week and Month
Ticket System
DP System
Manager System
To purchase make payment :


Make a payment of $50 bitcoin to

35GGxPEPCo4XwnCXWBuiwAK1vsREYrSedd or

and send the transaction id to with your name, email and phone number


Make a payment of N25,000 to

First Bank Nigeria
Ronald Matthew Ronzy



All Savings

Send your
Phone number:
after payment to
+2348032285267 or
+2348095675550 or or

You will receive the software within 15mins in your email following confirmation of payment.


Click Here

User Demo

Login :
Pass: admin12345
Admin Demo:

Click Here


User: admin
Pass: admin12345

Click here for installation instructions


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