How The Riiab $3 or N1000 Plan Works
Posted on February 26, 2016 by mkpoikanke
RIIAB means Residual Incom7e In A Box. $3 or N1,000 (3*4) plan.

It’s a matrix system with Member to Member Payment, meaning direct payment to personal accounts no third party needed(you can also receive the money online using online platform like stp, payza, papal, pm from people outside Nigeria).
It is designed to purchase ad packs at each level to also advertise your business.
You register with only $3 or N1,000 only. Make payment to the bank account of the person that referred you to the business(upline) . Your upline approves, after receiving alert of your payment to his/her bank account.
Now you have 3 referrals(people) registered at level 1, your total earning will be $9 or N3,000. You will then use the $9 or N3,000 to upgrade to level 2. Now the upgrading fee goes to the upline of your upline.
On receiving the alert of your payment, he/she will now approve your request to upgrade to level 2.
Once in level 2, now this is where you really start earning, all the level 2 upgrades of your downline goes to you. Since they are the downline(s) of your 3people.
They are 9 in number and they will pay $9 or N3,000 each to your own bank account. The total is $81 or N27,000.
You will use $27 or N8,910 out of the money to upgrade to level 3.
At level 3. You have a total of 27people, you earn a total of $729 or N240,570 and you will use $81 or N26,730 out of the money and upgrade and upgrade to level 4.
At level 4, you have a total number of 81people and You earn a total sum of $6561 or N2,165,130 and It ends at level 4 with no upgrade and N2.1m is all yours. Its simple and Amazing
Registration Process:
1. Go to their website

2. Click on JOIN NOW and fill the form to submit. Make sure you see the name of your sponsor on the form(Ronald Matthew Ronzy).
3. Go to your gmail and click on the CONFIRMATION LINK sent to you.
4. Log in to your back office after confirmation.
5. Click on PAYMENT INFO and update your details. If you do not have any of the digital currencies there, just put your Bank Account details in any of the space provided and update.
Click on PURCHASE ADPACK(S). Click on the drop down menu under the video and select 3×4- $3 Position $3. Then click on ‘Purchase’ beneath it.
(You repeat this section 6 for the subsequent upgrades also for $9-level2, $27-level3, and $81-level4).
7. Pay your money to any of the following account details

1. Acct No.: 3061766407
Name: Ronald Matthew Ronzy
Bank: First Bank NIG.

2. Solidtrust pay account Username: DjRonzyDaMixDon
Or(Contact/WhatsApp +2348032285267 )

Then continue;
8. Click on PENDING PAYMENTS. You will see a box. Fill the details at the end with your USERNAME in place of Transaction ID and submit. Your upline will now see it and approve it.
9. Help 3 people to do the same thing and you have finished level 1.

It stops at level 4 only.
All you need are three people to work with and the three people also get their own three people and its continues.
Number of people at each levels:
level 1 = 3 people
level 2 = 9 People
level 3 = 27 People
level 4 = 81 People

upgrading fee on each level
level 1=N1,000 or $3
level 2=N3,000 or $9
level 3=N8,910 or $27
level 4=N26,730 or $81

Your income on each level
level 1=N3,000
level 2=N27,000
level 3=N240,570
level 4=N2,165,130

Note :-
money is paid into members by members account or collect by cash in this business (you can also accept payment from your downlines on stp, pm, paypal, payza etc. Especially for people outside Nigeria).‎

# RIIAB is the easiest and fastest way to earn using matrix system. To know more about this system or register

visit the riiab website

Also advertise your website or business for free to millions of people worldwide as you make money with riiab.
contact/WhatsApp 08032285267 Call 08095675550
Goodluck on your Success!!!


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