Solidstar – NEGOTIATE prod. by Dagenius NV.mp3

Some years back, I was in a serious relationship with a girl, I thought she was my 1 IN A MILLION until the day I caught her samaring my best friend, I was so CONFUSED that I couldn’t get over it for over a month, since then I vowed not to fall in love again, met another girl few weeks later, deceived her and she fell so badly for me, but after close to 15 pressup, I called her and said, OMOTENA I no think say I be right person for you, and that was how we ended that relationship, I kept on SKIBOLISING girls, took many to the line, but along the line, I came across sexy and pretty OLUCHI, fell in luv with her that I couldn’t do without calling her name on any song I sing, and no be say she give me jazz o, and right now am on a NEGOTIATING  because am ready to pay any sum on her head, but to cut d long story short, here is my new single NEGOTIATE prod. by Dagenius.
Solidstar – NEGOTIATE prod. by Dagenius NV.mp3



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